Chameleon Launchers are flexible components that can be used for a variety of use cases, including onboarding checklists, feature announcement centers and self-serve help. Learn the basics of Launchers here.

You can make any Launcher a checklist by configuring it within the Menu settings. Learn more about how to configure a Launcher here

For the Items added in the Launcher you can select what marks them as checked, or hides them, from the Item configuration view: 

The Success event defines what marks the Item as checked and can be further used to hide that Item from the Launcher Menu for users. 

You can use default Success events for Items:

  • Tour completed
  • Survey completed
  • URL (Link) clicked
  • Code Script ran

However, you can also send events to Chameleon (using Segment or our API) and use these as the Success condition. This means you can only mark an Item as checked or remove it from the list once that user has completed that event. 

If a user ever undertakes this event after engaging with that Launcher Item then the Item will be checked/hidden. 

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