To get an overview of how Launchers work, please first read this article.

A Launcher can contain any combination of the following types of Items:

  • Chameleon Tours (set to be delivered Manually)
  • Chameleon Surveys
  • Page URLs
  • Code Scripts (custom JS code that executes on click)

Once you've clicked "New Launcher item" you will see a modal where you can select the Tour / URL / Survey / Script to add, along with other configuration settings:

Here you can adjust the following items:

  • Title and description; this will appear in the Launcher to your end users. If you don't add a description then some default info will show. 
  • Subset targeting; You can select whether to show the Item to a subset of the users that will see the Launcher. This way you can have a single Launcher (e.g. for feature updates) with different items for different user groups (e.g. by rights / access to those features)
  • Persistence; you can choose whether to have the Item be removed once it's completed. A Tour is completed when the last Step is completed; a URL is completed when the link is clicked; a Survey is completed when a user responds to the survey question. 

Note: you can decide what to display if all Launcher Items are removed in the Empty State state (see above).

Tours as Launcher Items

Chameleon Tours can be delivered Automatically (based on target audience) or Manually (from a Launcher or Link). Read more about that here

Only live Manual Tours will be available to add as Items within a Launcher. If you want to use an Automatic Tour within the Launcher, then duplicate it and set the Delivery Method to Manual and Activate the Tour. 

Note for older Tours with dynamic, partial or wildcard URL matching

if the first step of a Tour is configured with a partial or dynamic URL match (e.g. using a regex or wildcard) then the 'Additional Sharing Options' (available at the bottom of the Tour View) for that Tour need to be configured before that Tour can be selected here. 

If the 'Copy tour link' button is disabled, then please fill in the first field 'Define a URL..". 

In this section, you can also define the display name and display subtitle for the Tour within the Launcher. This helps you separate the title of the Tour, which can be used for internal organization and the display text. 

Code Scripts as Launcher Items

Note: If you employ a Content Security Policy (CSP) then you must add an exception to allow this functionality to be used. Read about that here.

Including a JS Code Script in your Launcher gives you complete control and flexibility to execute a custom action upon a user clicking that Item. 

This can let you open a chat messenger, using Intercom or Zendesk for example. This can allow you to create a customized wrapper for any in-product widgets and experiences using the Chameleon Launcher. 

Targeting Users

You can select which users should see this Launcher, by creating a segment of users, based on data about them, including attributes, events, Tour interaction etc. 

This follows the same pattern as creating a target audience for a tour, and you will see the same segments in this list as you do in the Target Audience section for any Tour. 

Learn more about how to create a target audience here

Going Live

The Launcher will only go live after you hit "Activate" in the 'Review and activate' section. Once activated, you can deactivate the Launcher from this section also. 

No engineering or coding is required, as the Launcher will use your existing Chameleon installation. 

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