Chameleon collects data about Launchers being shown, opened (such that the menu is visible), Tours being started from Launchers, and checklist items being completed. This is available via:

Data collected

Data includes events (e.g. "Chameleon Launcher opened" sent every time a Launcher trigger is fired or API to open is called) and properties of events (e.g. "tour_name" which references the Tour that was clicked on the "Chameleon Launcher item clicked" event). 

For full details of all Chameleon data collected (for Launchers and other Chameleon products), use our schema Google Sheet:

Launchers reporting

Within the Chameleon dashboard, you will see an overall Launchers reporting page that shows which Launchers have been created and provides overall insights. 

You can click on any particular Launcher to see the specific reporting for that Launcher.

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