You can configure whether a Chameleon step can be dismissed at all by a user, and if so, what should happen. 

To enable / disable the option of letting a user dismiss a step, check / uncheck the option for "Dismiss" option in the "Interact" menu when editing a step. 

To configure your Dismiss option, click on this when editing a step to reveal the configuration menu in the topbar. 

🆕You can now also use a button to exit a tour. Read more about the new options for button actions here

An example step where the second "button" has been styled to read like a link "I'll explore on my own" and dismisses the tour. 

Dismiss functionality

By default, if a user clicks the dismiss option then they will not see that step or tour again. However you can change this behavior and instead continue the tour later, after a period of time. 

This is a great way of letting users pause or defer a tour they are not ready to take, but show it again, so they still have the opportunity to learn. 

You can set after how long the tour should re-appear (starting again at the step that was dismissed) and whether there should be a limit to the number of times it will re-appear after a user dismisses. 

Dismiss styling

You can choose between having a cross or custom text for your dismiss option. You can also place the dismiss option on the right / left side of your step and edit the color. 

Custom text can be helpful if you configure your dismiss cross to show the tour again later, instead of exiting it forever. Example text you could use includes:

  • "Pause"
  • "Later"
  • "Not now"
  • "Show again in 1 day"
  • etc. 

Showing the whole tour again

You may also wish to repeat the whole tour again, instead of simply restarting the step that a user dismissed. 

In this case you can adjust the Tour Delivery option to 'Every time' instead of 'Once'. This will cause the tour to restart from the beginning whenever it has been exited or completed. 

If you have the dismiss option configured to 'Continue later' then this will happen first, before the tour is considered exited / completed and begins again. 

Showing another tour upon dismiss

You can also configure another tour to show when a user exits a tour. To do this:

  1. Create the tour you wish the user to see upon dismissing this one
  2. In the target audience for that tour, add a "Chameleon tour events" filter
  3. In that filter, select the name of this tour, and set the operators as "Was" and "Exited" 

Learn more about how to set the perfect target audience for your tour here

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