Personalizing your Experiences is key in making them effective and valuable.
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You can personalize Experiences through two different methods:

  1. Branching based on user responses
  2. Targeting based on user data

Create different Tours / Experiences for each branch and then either show these automatically based on the targeting conditions, or start these manually via button actions. 

Branching based on user responses

If you don't already have the user data to use for personalization, you can collect this by letting a user choose an option. 

(If you are already collecting the relevant user data, e.g. via a native survey or onboarding experience, then see how to use that to target users below.)

Do this using buttons within a Step of a Tour or using a Survey. You can include two buttons within a Step or use a Survey with up to five button options. You can customize the text and styling of the button, and then set what each button should trigger. 

Therefore you can use this to "Start Tour", and set a different Tour to show for each button. 

To have a Tour available to start manually in this manner (and not show up automatically), create that Tour and set it to be delivered Manually. This means it will only start via a button action, URL or within a Launcher

Targeting based on user data

If you don't want to immediately start a Tour / show a Survey after a button click, then you can trigger an Experience automatically based on user data. 

This can include data Chameleon collects (e.g. Survey response, completed Tour etc.), data via integrations, or data you send to Chameleon via the API. 

Any of this data can then used to target an Automatically Delivered Tour or other Chameleon Experience to show to the right group of people.

If you have multiple Tours that need to show, you may also want to set the order they appear. You can do this using the Target Audience (add a filter that a particular Tour must have been started / completed before audience enters this segment). Read more about that here.

Example use cases

  • Collect user persona / objective with a Survey, and show different onboarding flows accordingly
  • Ask about satisfaction levels with a Survey and show a Tour prompt to leave a review or schedule a call depending on whether a user is happy or not
  • Ask if a user needs more help with a Survey and show a Launcher with detailed How To guides if a user does
  • Ask a user if they want to opt-in to helpful tips and then show Tours accordingly

You can also update the data in your database from the user response using a simple JS code snippet. Learn how to do that here

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