For an overview of how Surveys work, first read this article.

Configuring your Survey has the following components:

  1. Select type
  2. Configure steps 
  3. Select audience
  4. Set Recurrence
  5. Activate

Select Survey type

Start building your Survey from the Chameleon Editor, by selecting the star icon. Then click "New Survey".

At that point you can select the type of Survey you'd like to build. Survey types have fixed response components (e.g. 'NPS' has buttons for 0-10, while 'Input' has only a free-form text option etc.). Read more about the different types here

Configure Survey

After selecting the type, you will see the "Survey step" and you can configure it using the Topbar. 

Click the text / buttons etc. or the tabs in the Topbar to see the configuration options available:

  • Design tab contains size, color etc.
  • Position tab contains position on page, overlay
  • Rules tab contains trigger and URL requirements

You can use the "Preview" option in the top right to view how the Survey will look and behave for end users. 

After configuring this Survey step, you can add a free-form text ("Comments") step and a "Thank You" step to this Survey. Do that from the Topbar or back in the Sidebar:

Within the Comments step, you can ask a specific question based on how a user responded in the Survey step, and collect qualitative feedback. The styling and position of the Comments and Thank You steps will match that of the Survey step. 

Read more on how to configure the Comments step here

When added, the Thank You step will appear for users for 3 seconds (and automatically disappear) after they complete the previous Survey / Comments step. 

Note: you can redirect users to a different page based on their button response within the Survey step. Click the button to set up this redirect. In this case you can decide not to include the Comments and Thank You steps. 

Select Target Audience

You can set where the Survey shows (e.g. which page) and when it shows (e.g. on click of an element) in the "Rules" tab of the Survey step. You can set who it shows to in the Target Audience section in the Sidebar. 

You can create a Target Audience using data you send to Chameleon (read how to do that here), default Chameleon data (e.g. how users respond to Surveys, or how they interact with Tours), and data from integrations (e.g. webhooks from Heap or cohorts from Amplitude). Read how to set up audience targeting here

Set Recurrence

You can define a Survey to repeat periodically in this section of the Editor Sidebar. The Survey will then repeat for users, as long as they appear inside your application after that period, and continue to match the Survey rules and targeting conditions. 

When using Recurrence and creating a Target Audience based on a user's Survey response, then the most recent response will be used. However all responses will be available within the Chameleon dashboard to view or download. 

Going live

Once you've finished configuring your Survey, you can Activate it live. To first test out the Survey live, you can target just yourself and go into Test Mode. Read more on how to test here

Once the Survey is Live, you can edit it further, but you must "Apply Edits" before these changes are pushed live to users. 

Getting the data

All your Surveys data will be available in your Chameleon dashboard here. You can download the data as a CSV and also connect your analytics tool to have the data automatically sent there. Read more about Chameleon's integrations here

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