Chameleon Tours are built to be accessible, but as this is a recent change, it is rolling out slowly to all customers. If you are finding that your Tours are not accessible, according to the following conditions then please email us

Accessibility for Surveys is not yet available, but we hope to add this in the near future. Please let us know if this is a deal breaker for you. 

Here are the accessibility rules that Chameleon experiences follow: 

  • When Step / Tooltip / Launcher ("experience") is displayed it automatically takes Focus (includes when moving to Next experience)
  • When experience is no longer showing then Focus is reset on the page (back to top of page / first element on page)
  • When experience is displayed it contains a "tab trap" -- once a user has tabbed through all clickable components, Focus  moves back to the first clickable component on the experience
  • If an experience is attached to any element then that element is part of the "tab path" (based on interactivity)
  • The dismiss component is labelled in the HTML (either as "close" when cross is used, or the string when the text is used)
  • Images are labelled with alt="" in the HTML
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