Tooltips are designed to provide in-flow information in a non-intrusive manner, based on a push or pull interaction from your end-users. There are, essentially, two ways to build tooltips with Chameleon:

  • Using the Tours product

  • Using the Tooltips product

Using Tours

Tooltips are essentially single-step Tours that are anchored to a specific element and give more insight about a specific feature when triggered by your users.

To create a tooltip using Tours, you will need to:

  • Create a single-step Tour.

  • Define the step to be anchored relative to an element.

  • Add a pointer from the Add content menu.

  • Add an on-page trigger from the Actions menu, which can be either be click or hover.

  • Set the Tour to show immediately after completed or exited, so that the tooltip will always be available for end-users to interact with.

👉 Learn more about triggering Tours from user actions

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