As part of a Tour, you can: 

  1. Set a goal (more info coming soon)
  2. Create your Steps (see here)
  3. Define your target audience (see here)
  4. Select recurrence -- what this article is about. 

Within the Recurrence section, you can set the Tour to re-appear again after it is completed / exited, as long as the other conditions for the Tour to be shown also match. 

By default Tours are set not to recur / repeat and will only show once to users..

To set a Tour to show again, select either 'Next page load' or 'Immediately'. Below are some examples of how you can use these.

In these cases the Tour will re-show to users as long as they continue to match the target audience and are meeting all URL / trigger conditions for the Steps. If a user falls out of the target audience then the Tour will not recur for them, once they have completed / exited. 

Repeat tour = No

Showing a tour once is great for any guidance that doesn't need to repeat. 

For example, if you want to use your product tour for: 

  • User onboarding welcome tour
  • A one-off feature launch
  • Downtime or outage update
  • ... other ad-hoc use cases (see here for more ideas)

If you select 'Once' then the tour will show until a user either exits (by clicking the Dismiss option on any step) or completes (by advancing from the last step of the tour) the tour. 

The tour will then not show again to that same user. 

Repeat tour = Next page load / Immediately

Showing a tour every time the page loads is useful if you want a tour to show repeatedly, for the same user. 

If your tour first step does not have a trigger action (such as a user click) then you may not want it to reappear immediately after it ends, so using 'Next page load' is effective. 

If your tour first step DOES have a trigger action then you can set the recurrence to be 'Immediately' such that the trigger action (or label / icon) is available again for the user to act upon, before the tour begins. 

This is effective for self-service use cases such as:

  • Help icon for a certain feature or term
  • Feature or page walkthroughs 
  • Steps that link to dynamic content (e.g. your blog feed or product announcements page)

💡Another great reason to use this is for TESTING your tour. You can set the tour audience to be 'Just me', activate the tour, turn on 'Testing mode' and then experience your tour as an end user. Learn more on how to test your tours.

Relation with dismiss configuration

Note, if you have configured your dismiss cross to continue the tour again, this takes precedence over your Tour Delivery option, because it is within the tour. So the conditions for Dismiss will first be completed before the Tour Delivery options are evaluated. 

Let's look at an example to make this easier. For a tour set to show 'Every time', if the first step dismiss is configured as follows:

This means that if a user clicks the dismiss (text) then the step will close but 'Continue later' after 2 days. If the user clicks the dismiss again, this will repeat, until a total of '3 times'. After that point, the tour (set to show 'Every time') will begin again from the start. If the user then clicks the dismiss again on the first step, the process will repeat.

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