For holistic user education, you should consider both "Push" help and "Pull" help. Chameleon enables you to do both, and below are the two ways you can deliver "Pull" help to your users.

Chameleon provides a unique link for each tour, which can be used to start a tour. These can be included in help articles, live chat, blog posts, and email announcements, and are a great way to provide interactive guidance for users.

You can use this if: 

  • Your tours are live. The most recent published version of the tour will load with the link. If you do not want the tour to show to users automatically, you can select the 'Only those with a link' default segment for the target audience.
  • Chameleon must be properly installed (including the identify snippet) on all pages. To learn how to do this, see here.

You can find the unique link for your Tour once you set the Delivery Method to Manual, and configure the first URL correctly. 

For older Tours (created before November 1, 2019) you can find the link under the "Additional sharing options"  section of your tour.

This link will redirect the user to the URL of the first step and begin the Tour, irrespective of whether the user is part of the target audience or has seen the tour before.

💡If you paste this in your own browser to test the tour, then the Preview version will open (because you are still logged in as a Chameleon admin). To view a tour as an end-user read this doc on how to test. 

NOTE: Chameleon will prepend "http://" onto the Tour's "Define where this Tour should begin" URL if no protocol setting is included. If your web app requires "https", make sure to include it, or make sure your app redirects http URLs to https.

Dynamic URLs

If the first step of your tour is matched to a dynamic URL (e.g. using a wildcard or regex) then you must first specify the exact URL to load with this tour link. Once this URL is loaded then the tour can begin. 

If you want to use this tour link for many users, each with their unique URL then you must use variables/merge tags here or for the first step of the tour. Read about this here.

NOTE: If using variables within the URL to be loaded, then Chameleon needs to be able to read the relevant user data, which cannot happen when cookies are disabled. Some browsers (e.g. Safari) disable cookies by default (the setting for "Website Tracking: Prevent cross-site tracking" is checked) so in these instances, the Tour link will not be able to load the appropriate URL and start the Tour. 


Another way to deliver "Pull" help is through our Launchers product

This provides an off-the-shelf customizable widget to display a menu of Tours that users can self-start as per their convenience. See the help articles on Launchers here

Note: This product is rolling out slowly into General Availability. There will be a public and marketing launch soon.

If you are a new customer you will automatically have access to this product in your account. If you are an existing customer and want to access to Launchers, please email us

The number of Launchers available to customers will vary by plan and you can find the differences on our plans page here.

Self-serve widget

If you are looking for help on this functionality, note that it is being deprecated in favor of the Launchers product. More info here.

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