Chameleon consists of two parts:

  • The Builder (that admins use to build and manage product tours)

  • The Experiences (that end-users see)

The Builder is entered by launching the Chameleon Chrome extension on the webpage where you have installed Chameleon. This tool allows you to craft the Experiences (Tours, Launchers, Microsurveys and Tooltips) which your end-users see.

Introducing... our new Control Panel

We recently launched a new version of the Builder that rearranges your Experience settings options into one Control Panel.

As you edit your Experience, the Control Panel is always in view near it. From here, you can adjust settings such as your Experience's position, Element Rules (to specify if an element must be present or not present for a step to show), interactions like buttons or dismiss, and more.

The Control Panel also includes a quick "Preview" button, allowing you to switch from adjusting your Experience to taking it for a test drive instantly.

Troubleshooting is faster with the Control Panel as well; Any component involving an element match or URL rule includes a success or error indicator.

This is the first of many updates to come to the Builder and how you create. This and other updates will make it easier to view what options are available and make and understand changes more quickly.

You can learn about earlier versions of the Builder through our Quickstart Videos.

To access the Chameleon Builder, you don't need to have the Chameleon code snippet installed on your application. You just need to sign-up for an account and install our Chrome Extension.

Once you have the Chrome Extension installed, you can use it to access the Builder and you're ready to start building, previewing, and managing your Chameleon Experiences.

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