Note: Chameleon’s Zapier integration leverages the "Webhooks by Zapier" (a Premium integration in Zapier) functionality. We will be launching a native Zapier integration in the coming weeks (until then you will not find a Chameleon listing within Zapier).

However, with some manual set-up, you can connect Zapier to Chameleon as:

  • Data Destination -- send Chameleon data (e.g. Survey scores) to Zapier (to use as triggers)
  • Data Source -- get Zapier data into Chameleon (using Chameleon as an action)

Some example use cases include:

  • Send Chameleon Microsurvey responses to other tools or systems. You can even send responses to an email address.
  • Trigger other systems based on Chameleon data; e.g. send an email when a Tour is completed or dismissed
  • Send product events to Chameleon to use for targeting Experiences
  • Send user attributes to Chameleon to personalize content within Experiences

Setup and Usage

Using Chameleon as a Zapier Trigger (for Microsurvey responses ONLY)

You can use Chameleon as a Trigger, whenever a Chameleon Microsurvey response is submitted. To do this, you will use “Webhooks by Zapier” as the Trigger application. Search for this in your Zapier account:

Then select the action app, e.g. “Send emails...” or “Get Slack notifications...” or “Make Hubspot form submissions...” etc.

You will then see the following configuration section for the Webhook:

Simply copy this webhook URL and paste it into the Chameleon Zapier integration view in the Chameleon Builder:

You can test this by clicking on the “Send example webhook” button.

Once connected, this will then send a webhook to Zapier whenever a Microsurvey is completed, and will contain all relevant information, such as:

  • User ID of individual that completed the microsurvey
  • Survey details (e.g. survey name, type etc.)
  • Response details (e.g. button text, input text, page URL etc.)

Using Chameleon as an Zapier Action (data to Chameleon)

You can also push data to Chameleon from Zapier. This is done by selecting “Webhooks by Zapier” and configuring “POST” events to Chameleon’s APIs:

Hit “Continue” and configure this as follows:


Payload type = JSON


Here you can add the data that should be sent to Chameleon whenever this Zap runs. This could update a user's attributes or cause Chameleon to register an event (action).

One of the data you will need to send is: "uid", and this must match the user ID you are sending to Chameleon as part of the installation). We will use this to match the data received via Zapier to the right user in Chameleon.

You can add other data too; add the name of the event or attribute (You will use this to search and select this event in the Chameleon interface) and then the values for this (likely to be variables pulled from the connected Trigger app).

You can keep the other configuration parameters as-is:

  • Wrap Request In Array: No
  • File: <blank>
  • Unflatten: Yes
  • Basic Auth: <blank>


You do need to add a Header field, as this will authenticate your Chameleon account and enables only authorized Chameleon account members to enable Zaps to the Chameleon account.

Add the name of this header as "X-Account-Token”. The value will be your account token/secret which can be found within your unique Chameleon code snippet, which you can find in your Chameleon dashboard here. It should look like: Pqhgo78fnLur3tNEXeYRslqGMtJVxyZsQJm2lpLEPsHDnX-1CyJsf-xEbABdMkEIopiokA

Note: in the near future we will be making this token more easily accessible, as part of a revamp of our integrations setup UI...

So your Zapier Header configuration will look something like this:

You can then hit "Continue" and your Zap will be ready to go. You will be able to use this data being sent to Chameleon when creating a Target Audience by using "Imported properties" (if sending user properties) or "Imported events" (if sending user events). Learn more on how to set up targeting here.

More help

If you have any questions on any aspect of our Zapier integration, please email us here.

We will be releasing a fully native Chameleon Zapier integration in the coming weeks to make this configuration easier.

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