Chameleon Surveys, (automatic) Tours and Launchers can be targeted so that only particular users see these, based on who they are or what they did. Learn how to create a Target Audience for an Experience here

When creating a Target Audience from the Chameleon Editor you will see the number of matching users in the top-right, like below: 

This represents the number of users already seen by Chameleon in your product (i.e. users that have logged in since Chameleon was installed) that also match the filters you have specified. 

Errors: In some cases the number of users will not load, and instead display "Error" or show 0 users. This may be caused by a timeout error occurring (because the total number of users that Chameleon has seen from your account would take too long to parse). This means is that the count is not loadable; the underlying targeting is still working

This gives you an estimate of the current size of the target audience for this segment. You can click this to open the segment page within the Chameleon Dashboard, from where you can download the list of users (see below).

Export a list of users

You can always see which specific users are part of a target audience by viewing the list in the dashboard or exporting a CSV / Google Sheet. 

To do that, go the relevant Dashboard page, by clicking on the Target Audience name:

When you click that you will see a page with more details about that Target Audience, such as below:

Here you can click the CSV or Google Drive icon to trigger an email to your inbox with a link to a CSV download or a Google Sheet, containing the full list of users and all their user properties. 

Note: if your list of users does not display in the table, you can still dismiss the loading state and access the export buttons. 

We're currently working to ensure even large lists of users loads speedily inside the Chameleon dashboard, and will have an update in the next weeks. 

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