Note: this integration is in beta. You will only be able to connect Slack if you are part of this beta. To join the beta please request an invite by emailing us.

With Chameleon's Slack integration, you can more easily see, share and discuss Chameleon Survey responses right from within your Slack account. 

This integration enables Slack to be a Data Destination -- you can send Chameleon Surveys data to Slack. 


You can enable the Slack integration by visiting Settings > Integrations within the Chameleon Editor. 

Once you click into the Slack integration, you will be able to connect your Slack account using the OAuth flow. If you need to re-connect or connect a different account, simple click "Reconnect to Slack". 

After you have completed the Slack OAuth flow, you will be redirected back to your site and the Chameleon Editor, and you will be able to enter the Slack Channel name, where you would like your Survey responses to appear. 

You can click "Send test message" to validate the integration is working; this will send a message to your Slack account from the Chameleon app. 

Setup Gotchas

There are a few items that could cause an error or unsuccessful installation:

  1. Switching Slack workspace during the OAuth flow

If you do this, you will see the following screen and clicking "Return to Chameleon" will lead you into the wilderness. 

Simply use your browser back button to re-navigate to your app and try the OAuth flow again. Your workspace will have changed and so you will not need to change it during the flow and can proceed as normal.

2. Incorrect channel name.
If you switch Slack workspace or edit the Slack channel name such that it no longer references a real channel in the connected workspace, you may see a "Configuration error". If you hover over the red dot indicator you may see this represented with the following message. 

Whenever you edit the channel name please click "Send test message" to validate the updated information. You should receive a message in your Slack account similar to the below: 

Let us know if you come across any other issues and we'll be happy to investigate and resolve for you. Just email us at with as much information and screenshots that you are able to provide. 


When a user completes a Survey, the following information will be sent to your Slack account in the Channel indicated:

  • User email (if being sent to Chameleon; learn how to send user data here)
  • Survey name
  • Survey question
  • User response
  • User comments (if an input step is enabled)
  • URL where the Survey was submitted

Here is an example Slack message: 

You can click on the user email address to directly email this user. We encourage doing this to:

  • Thank the user for their feedback or insights
  • Ask clarifications
  • Schedule a follow-up conversation

It's important for users to know their feedback is being read and used by a real person, so any personal touches you can apply will encourage users to continue to give you feedback. 

If you are not sending the user's email address, then the Survey message in Slack will look like this:

You can always view and download all your user responses within the Chameleon dashboard. If you click the name of the Survey in the Slack message you will be taken directly to the Chameleon dashboard for that specific Survey. 

Survey responses (minus text comments) will also be automatically sent to any 'Data destination' integrations enabled (e.g. analytics tools). 


This integration is in beta and we are interested in customers wanting to test this and provide us feedback. To join the beta please request an invite by emailing us.

We have already determined that we will be adding 'action buttons' to these messages to, for example, help you view this user's profile page within the Chameleon dashboard. We will notify all customers participating in the beta of these and other changes. 

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