Note: this functionality is only available on the Growth plan; contact us to discuss your options. 

Key to establishing in-product as an effective channel to communicate with your users is to avoid overwhelming or pestering them with experiences. You may have users that fall into multiple target audiences and could see consequent Chameleon experiences, but you can restrict this with our rate limiting functionality. 

Scope of rate limiting

When ON, Rate Limiting applies to:

  • Tours delivered Automatically. Learn more here
  • Surveys

All such Experiences will automatically be included in the rate limiting, but you will be able to manually exclude some of these. 

It does not apply to Tours that are delivered Manually (e.g. via Launcher or Links) or to Tooltips (which always show when triggered manually). 

The default is 1 Experience per day, but you can configure the maximum number per day / week. 

When rate limiting is applied then if the user has already seen that number of Experiences in the timeframe, then any subsequent Experiences will be held back until the rate limiting time period is over. They will then be shown at the next available opportunity. 

If Tours are deferred / dismissed / snoozed (via the Dismiss functionality) then these will still be included as part of the Rate Limiting (so will only show again once Rate Limiting no longer applies to that user). 

Configuring rate limiting

To turn Rate Limiting ON please visit your Chameleon dashboard, and move the toggle to the ON position. 

By default all Automatic Tours and Surveys will be included, and these will be shown in the table below. To exclude any of these Experiences from the Rate Limit, simply toggle the "Exclude" button for that Experience.

We recommend you only do this for the most crucial or important Experiences. 

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