For an overview of how Chameleon Surveys work, please read this article first. 

You can collect free-form text responses from your users either directly (using the "Input" Survey type) or as a follow-up to a Chameleon Survey step. For example, after a user responds to an NPS survey, you can request additional written feedback. 

Input Survey type

To use this, simply select this Survey type from the list when creating a new Survey.

Some example use cases for this include:

  • Design feedback: asking users for thoughts on a page or feature that's being considered for a redesign or improvement
  • Customer development: asking new users for their goals and motivations
  • Failure feedback: asking users why they didn't complete a workflow or take a key action, to help inform product improvements

Comments Step

You can add a Comments step to any Chameleon Survey from the Chameleon Editor:

Once the Comments step is added you can disable it from the Sidebar, by hovering over that row and clicking 'Disable':

Customizing the Comments step 

Once you have included the Comments step in a Survey, you can customize the content of this for each answer of the Survey step. 

For example, you may want to ask different questions depending on whether a user answered the Survey step positively or negatively. 

You can customize the following items:

  • Question (body copy)
  • Placeholder copy
  • Button copy
  • Button action (what happens when a user clicks this)

To do this, select the relevant tab in the Chameleon Editor corresponding to the answer in the Survey step for which you want to customize the Comments step. You can then select any of the individual step components (by clicking on them directly) to further configure this. 

Downloading responses

You can find all the results of your Surveys within the Chameleon dashboard, and can also download your responses as a CSV file. 

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