Chameleon enables you to create, deploy and manage Experiences such as Tooltips, Product Tours (or Flows / Walkthroughs / Guides), Launchers (widgets) and Surveys, without writing code. 

To deploy any Experience live to a user, the Chameleon code snippet must be installed in your app. However you can build your Experience before installing the snippet, using the Chameleon Editor. To do this, sign-up for a free account and then download the Chrome Extension.  

Learn more about how our Chrome Extension works here

The Chameleon Editor

The Chameleon Editor is used to build and edit any Chameleon Experience. The Editor appears as a side-panel over your application:

Once you start building a Chameleon Experience, you will be able to directly click and edit content, and adjust colors and other configuration using the Chameleon Editor top-bar panel. 

This video briefly explains how to use this when creating Steps within a Tour:

Tooltips, Launchers and Surveys are edited in the same manner, although the configuration options will vary to be relevant for each experience. 

Hiding the Editor / green tab

You can close the Editor by clicking the green tab on the right-hand edge.

If would like to hide the green tab, click the Chrome Extension (in your browser) and:

  • Click "Hide" (if the Chameleon code is not installed on the page)
  • Click "Test Mode" (if the Chameleon code is installed on the page). You can also go into Test Mode from your dashboard. Learn more about testing Experiences live here.

If you want to completely remove Chameleon from your page then you can uninstall the Chrome Extension and remove the Chameleon code snippet (if installed).

The Chameleon dashboard

You can view the performance of your Experiences, invite teammates, change billing preferences etc. from the Chameleon dashboard

This is useful to get an overview of what Experiences are live and dive into the performance of an individual Experience. 

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