One of the first things you may want to do with Chameleon is to set the default styling of your Experiences, such that when you create any new Experience, it will automatically be on-brand. 

To do this head to the "Styling" section in the Chameleon Editor. 

Here you can set your defaults: 

  • Font -- we will use the Font loaded on to your page so you can match this exactly; just ensure the input exactly matches the Font name on your page.
  • Colors -- for text, background, button etc. 
  • CSS -- specify items such as the placement of components (e.g. the dismiss cross) or adjust any other aspect (such as line spacing). Can apply to all Experiences, or any group, down to a specific step. Learn more here.

💡 Tip: to avoid confusion between your tour and your interface for new users (or those not totally familiar with your product) you should consider using contrasting / complementary colors for tours, to help them stand out. 

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