Note: this product is in limited beta. If you are an existing customer and would like access please email us now.  

Product Overview

Chameleon Surveys enable you to collect in-product feedback from your users, without requiring any additional coding or engineering time. 

In a similar fashion to Tours, you can create on-brand surveys, with custom questions, triggered at the right time to your target audience. All the data collected will be available to you via the Chameleon dashboard, API, CSV and analytics integrations. 

The Feedback component and other key differences to Tours

Surveys are created in a similar fashion to Tours, but have some key differences: 

  • Single step (followed by an optional "Thank you" message)
  • Come in different 'Types' (e.g. NPS, CSAT, CES, 2-button etc.)
  • This 'Type' determines the 'Feedback component' available within that survey. E.g. An NPS survey will have a 0-10 button feedback component. 
  • The 'feedback component' has specific configuration options. E.g. The CSAT feedback component (satisfaction buttons) can be stacked horizontally or vertically. 
  • The survey 'Type' also determines the reporting used to analyze responses (to enable the charts to be more customized)
  • Creating a Survey has been simplified and some of the options available when creating a Tour step have been removed (e.g. adding images / videos)
  • Surveys cannot be shown on-demand (e.g. using a shortlink or from within a Launcher) and can only be displayed automatically when the right conditions are met for the target user
  • Surveys contain a customizable "Thank You" message that is displayed briefly after the user clicks on the 'Feedback component'

How to create a survey

To create a Survey you must have access to the Surveys product, and if so, you'll find the star icon in your Chameleon sidebar:

After clicking the Surveys icon, you'll see your list of existing surveys and also the option to add a 'New survey'. Upon clicking that, you'll be presented with the Survey 'Types' that you can choose. 

Once you select your 'Type' then you can click 'Configure' to go into the Survey step and customize your copy, feedback component and design. 

The default design for the Survey will use the Account Styling that you have (and you can adjust this by clicking the Styling icon (paintbrush) in the bottom of your navigation bar). 

Types of Surveys

The following are the Survey Types available: 

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): with 0-10 feedback. 
  • Customer Effort Score (CES): with options of emojis, 1-5 or Easy-Difficult choices
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): with options of Very Dissatisfied to Very Satisfied choices
  • 2 button: ability to customize two buttons and trigger independent actions (e.g. load a page, update data, start tour etc.) with each button 
  • Take a Typeform Survey: have the button in the Survey open a Typeform survey inside your product (for more detailed feedback)
  • Schedule a Calendly call or meeting: have the button in the Survey open a Calendly modal inside your product (to schedule a meeting)
  • More coming soon... if you have any requests for the types of Surveys you would like to see simply message us from the green bubble in the bottom right 🙏

Learn more about the different Survey types here.

Data and Insights

User responses to Surveys along with analytics around the display and completion of Surveys will automatically be collected and available in the Chameleon dashboard, via API, via CSV download and also directly to analytics integrations. Learn more about this here

You will also be able to use Survey data to target Product Tours and Launchers, via an additional segmentation filter when creating a target audience. This can be powerful to connect user responses for other in-product experiences. Read more about that here

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