⛔️NOTE: This functionality is being deprecated in favor of our newer, more customizable and more powerful Launchers product

If you are a new customer you will automatically have access to this product in your account. If you are an existing customer and want to switch from the self-serve widget to Launchers, please email us

We will be deprecating the self-serve widget and moving all customers to Launchers at the end of May 2019. 

The number of Launchers available to customers will vary by plan and you can find the differences on our plans page here.

See the help guides on Launchers here.


How to use the self-serve widget

You can deliver on-demand Tours to users through our out-of-the-box widget. This widget appears as a bubble within your app and contains a list of available tours for that user.

The widget is dynamic and so you can show different tours to different users and also on different pages. You can simply select which tours to display within this widget and enable it to show in your app.

Customizing the styling

You can configure the widget from the menu in the navigation bar. 

Within the menu, you can preview the widget by opening the "Show widget to" menu and selecting "Chameleon admins". This will show the widget to all Chameleon admins (that can also see the Chameleon sidebar editor) but not to your end users.

The colors of the widget are set from the Styling view (accessible from the bottom of the navigation bar). 

The background is uses the Accent color and the icon color uses the Title text.

You can change the positioning by selecting whether to place it at the bottom-left or bottom-right of the screen, and then further adjusting using the offset fields. The widget will automatically avoid overlapping any other third-party widgets you use.

Enabling the widget

When the self-serve widget is enabled for just Chameleon admins, you can configure and test it to your satisfaction, before enabling it for your users.

To do this select "All users" in the dropdown. This will display the widget for all identified users on all pages of your product.

If you decide to not show it, you can simply revert the dropdown option to "No-one".

Selecting which tours to display

When a user clicks the widget they see a list of tours available to them. This is contextual and dynamic. You can change which tours to show to which users on which pages.

To do this, simply select whether the tour should appear within the widget, under the "Additional sharing options" menu within the Tour view. 

In this you can select whether the tour "Shows in widget to": 

  • No one: Will not appear in the widget
  • Everyone: Will appear for all users in the widget
  • Target Audience: Will only appear for target audience users in the widget

Below this section you can customize the description of the Tour that will appear in the widget.

❗️Note: Only published tours (most recent version) will show in the Tours Launcher widget.

Ensuring tours load correctly

To ensure that a user is able to correctly trigger the tour, it is important that the target URL in the first step is configured correctly.

This target URL needs to be loaded and if it returns an error or takes a user to the incorrect page then the tour will not show. While wildcards (*) can be matched in this section, they cannot be loaded and so instead you need to replace these with a merge tag.

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