Note: this product is rolling out slowly to existing customers but is available to all new customers according to your plan. 

Product Overview

The Chameleon Launchers product is an evolution of our original "self-serve widget" designed to provide a convenient way for users to take tours on-demand. 

A Launcher provides an in-product menu of tours for users to take. You can create many different Launchers, configured by use case, target audience and style. 

The components available in configuring your Launcher include: 

  • Widget: the target for a user to open the menu. This can be an icon placed in your product, or a native element on a page (e.g. a menu item in your nav). 
  • Menu: this is the window that contains the product tours that a user can take. You can configure this to be a checklist format, include a search bar, edit the title etc.
  • Tours: the menu will contain Product Tours that you have built within Chameleon. Only Live tours are available. You can set a tour to only show within a Launcher. 
  • Targeting: you can set the Launcher to show to a specific group of users, akin to the audience targeting for a tour. You can create different Launchers for different groups of users. 
  • Availability: you can set specific domains or URLs on which you don't want the Launcher to display. 
  • Analytics: performance data for your Launchers will soon be available within your Chameleon dashboard. 
  • API: You can use our Launchers API to open or close the menu (without a widget), and (soon) extract performance data. Learn more about the Launcher API here.

Use cases

Many users may not be ready to absorb the information presented in a product tour when they log into your product, because of a specific intention or workflow they are fulfilling. 

However they may have time and space to learn more at another time, so providing them accessible methods to do this is fundamental to deepening their understanding of and engagement with your product. 

You can create Launchers for a variety of use cases. For example: 

Onboarding / Setup Checklist

Great for new users (e.g. those that were created within a recent period, or those that haven't completed a key activation event, or those on the free plan / trial etc.) to help them progress through the primary actions to find value and complete setup. 

Updates Log

Show a list of the most recent product improvements / releases and let users learn interactively about these changes. Much more effective in driving feature adoption than linking to blog posts, and can be fully managed without any engineering!

Learn more menu

Show a more extensive list of tours for key workflows or FAQs for a particular page or part of your product. Users can search for help and learn with a product tour; more effective than reading help documentation, and will deflect support tickets.

Pro tips

Highlight and teach advanced features for engaged users to help them become power users and fans. Display shortcuts or provide content to help customers succeed in using your product. 

Webinar recording

Sit back and enjoy this pre-recorded video of why we built Launchers, how it works, and where you can use it. 

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