To allow us to provide a low price plan, we leverage some subtle Chameleon branding to help spread awareness and allow us to grow. 

When you join the Basic plan (more info about how our plans work here) then this will automatically be enabled for your tours and steps. 

The branding will not affect your step design, but will appear as a small, subtle label on the corner of the screen, celebrating that you built this UX without writing any code. 

If one of your users is interested in learning more and clicks this label, then a new tab will open with more information about Chameleon. Your tour and app will remain unaffected.  

How to remove Chameleon branding

If you need a fully white-labelled solution, then you can remove this branding from within the Styling section in your Chameleon Editor. 

When you click in this field, then you will be prompted to switch to our Standard plan, which will enable you to remove the branding in your steps. 

If you have any questions or issues, then please do send us a message from the green chat bubble below ↘️or email us

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