Chameleon's current pricing plans are available on our pricing page

The plan options are:


Available for teams that need advanced integrations (like Salesforce, Hubspot), more technical control (custom CSS, JS code editor etc.) and A/B testing on a budget. It will include Chameleon's native event tracker (to measure and leverage user actions), Chameleon Launchers, NPS Surveys, and Tooltips products.


For larger teams, that prioritize results based on in-product tours. We will strategize with you, help you build tours and train your team. We also offer POC / pilots and contingency-based agreements. 

All plans include...

  • Unlimited usage: Build guidance for different products, use cases and objectives.
  • Custom styling: Extensive styling options to help you easily design the perfect look.
  • Full organization access: No limitations on seats: invite all your teammates to leverage Chameleon!
  • Data & JS API: Download (or upload) your data and send to other services.
  • Money-back guarantee: Get a full refund within the first month if you're unhappy.


These plans will vary based on monthly active users (MAUs).

You can calculate your price based on our MAUs using our slider on our plans page:

Here are some example prices for the Basic and Standard plans. The pricing for the Enterprise plan is always custom based on your needs and we will be happy to provide you a quote:

For 2k MAUs: 

  • Startup: $279 / mo

For 10k MAUs:

  • Startup: $657 / mo

For 45k MAUs:

  • Startup: $1125 / mo. 
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