For an overview of how the Chameleon API works, please first read this article.

TL;DR; because Chameleon lives within your app we have built a secure way to pull data from approved domains (for users logged-in to Chameleon).

All of these requests can be made from the browser on any approved domain, they must include credentials (cookies) and the account id of the user requesting the data. To approve a domain where Chameleon JS code snippet is not installed -- open the Chameleon chrome extension on the page you want to approve and click Show editor. This will prompt us to add this domain to the list where you can then approve it for use.

Tour related data


Optional parameters:

  •  expand : with a value of user,created_user or segment (can be comma separated to expand more than one)

Example with jQuery

  url: '',
  headers: { 'X-Account-Id': 'ACCOUNT_ID' },
  xhrFields: { withCredentials: true }
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