Using Tooltips Product (beta)

We have a brand new way to build tooltips -- with this you can more easily create single steps, add hover / click on-off functionality and avoid all the additional configuration options of building tours. 

Note: if you're a current customer and would like access to this new product from Chameleon, then please email us.

Using Tours Product

To create a tooltip, first set the position of the step to "Anchor to element" within the "Focus" section and select the element  you want to refer to. 

Once the element is specified, select "Yes" for "Point Toward Element". 

This pointer will automatically point towards the selected element, even if you change the "Placement" of the step or the browser resizes, resulting in an adjustment to the position. 

This step will show as part of your tour. If you want to create a traditional tooltip that shows every time when a user hovers on a particular element or icon then:

  • Add a "Trigger" for this step that is "Hover". Then either select an element as the hover target, or use a hotpot or custom icon (which you can place on the page). Learn more here.
  • Set the tour to "show on every page load" -- this will mean that the tooltip will be available again the next time the page is loaded. Learn more here.
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