With the Chameleon Self-serve Tours app for Intercom Messenger, your users can search for and start product tours from within Intercom Messenger.

This can help new users find interactive help on demand, without logging support requests, getting frustrated or interpreting help articles correctly.

Note: To use this functionality you will need to have a Chameleon plan and any paid Intercom plan. 

How to install the Chameleon Self-serve Tours app in Intercom Messenger

1. Go to the Intercom Messenger app store (also available from inside your account)

2. Find the Chameleon Self-serve Tours app and hit Install.
(Note: the other Chameleon app is our overall data integration with Intercom. Read more about how that works here.)

3. Go through the Intercom authorization screen to connect the app to your Intercom account

Now that the app is connected, you can show the app card inside Intercom Messenger to your users. 

This card will let users search for tours that you have added, and then select one of the results to begin a tour. 

Before you do this, you may want to first select which tours should appear in the search listings:

Selecting which self-serve tours should show in Intercom Messenger

Open your Chameleon Editor and click into a live tour. In this tour screen, scroll down to Additional sharing options and: 

  • Add the tour title and description that you want to be listed in the card
    (The search will include this and any tour content, so include common search terms)
  • Double check the start URL for this tour (where users will be directed to for the beginning of this tour). You can learn more about defining URLs, here
  • Check that the toggle for "Share from Intercom Messenger" is enabled. Tours are enabled by default, but you can remove any from being available in the Chameleon Self-serve Tours app by toggling this to 'Off'.

You can do these same steps for other tours you would like to be available in the Messenger.

NOTE: Tours that are added to Intercom are searchable by all users in Intercom messenger regardless if the tour has a specific segment selected in Chameleon.

If you would like this tour to ONLY be reachable from the Intercom Messenger app then you can set the Target Audience to be 'Only those with link'. 

That way the tour will not be shown automatically to anyone that doesn't use the tour link or the app. To learn more about audience targeting / segmenting read this doc.

Adding the Chameleon Self-serve Tours app card to your Intercom Messenger

Once you're comfortable with which tours should appear, you can enable the Chameleon Self-serve Tours app card in your Intercom Messenger.

Go to your Intercom app and open the Messenger section.

Once here, ensure you switch the view in the top right to Users:

Open the "Add Messenger home apps" section. This is where you configure which cards appear within the Intercom Messenger window for your users. (Double check that you're in the Users mode).

Click "Add new app" and then select Chameleon Self-serve Tours from the Messenger apps list.

Next, you can customize the title and placeholder text that will appear in the Messenger card for your users. 

💡Ensure your title and placeholder text makes it clear that users can take an interactive product tour. You can also update this later.

Once you've hit "Add to messenger" you can reposition where the Chameleon Self-serve tours card appears in the list, and you can preview this to the right. 

Once you're satisfied, click Save and set live, and you will see the Chameleon Self-serve tours app card in your Intercom Messenger and your users will be able to search and take on-demand tutorials. 🎉

Sending Chameleon tours from the Intercom Inbox

You will also see the Chameleon Self-serve Tours app listed as part of your Messenger inbox apps, here you can add individual tours when a tour might be useful or help a customer solve a specific problem.

What kind of self-serve tours should I create first?

Self-serve tours work well when they cover really specific topics. 

Here are a few examples of great self-serve tours to add to your Intercom Messenger:

  • Tours that answer a FAQ your support team receives, such as, how to add teammate, export a report, setup an integration, etc...
  • Quick onboarding tours explaining the value of a specific feature and how to use it, such as: How to Get Started, Real-time messaging explained, How to use custom reports
  • Tips and best practices on using parts of your app, such as: Tips on collaborating with teammates, 3 shortcuts to create a report

Where will my tours display?

Intercom requires that links to other domains must display in a new tab. Chameleon tours begin from a Chameleon short-link with the domain https://i.chmln.co. This means that tours launched from the Intercom Messenger app will open in a new tab.

If you prefer your tours launch within the same page, then we recommend sending a tour directly to your users through an Intercom message, and trigger the tour by beginning it on a unique url within your app. 

To do this, we'll be using a #hashtag url to start the tour from Intercom. Instead of using the Chameleon integration, you'll be adding a hashtag URL to your intercom message.

  • Create message in Intercom to look like this:

    "Hello!, click here to start your tour".

    In this case, the linked url is "https://app.trychameleon.com/#mytesttour". To use in your app, replace the url with your app's url, and the #mytesttour with a name unique to the tour.
  • Then, update only the first step of your tour to start on that hashtag link (for instance, app.trychameleon.com/#mytesttour).
  • On the 'next' button on the first step of your tour, set the 'additional actions' setting to a url redirect. Redirect the user to your url without the hashtag (in our example, this would be 'https://app.trychameleon.com/'
  • Change the tour to show to "All Users" (don't worry, it will only show to people who go to the #mytesttour url).
  • Change the tour Recurrence to show "Immediately", so that if the user clicks the link again after they're done, they'll see the tour again.

Now, your tour will start immediately and repeat for all users, but only show on that hashtag url that they open from the Intercom messenger.

Best Practices for creating self-serve tours

  1. When creating a self-serve tour make sure to keep your focus on just one topic, to ensure you help the user learn what they need to. 
  2. Keep the tours short and to-the-point. Don't try to teach everything about a feature, just the key things they need to get up and running. 
  3. You're tours can include more than text. Feel free to use images and videos to help further explain more complicated topics.
  4. Create a Tag on any Chameleon tours you will be adding to the self-serve library in Intercom, that way you can easily see which tours are for self-serve. 

How to Remove app from Intercom Messenger

To remove Chameleon Self-serve Tours app from Intercom Messenger head the "Add Messenger Home Apps" section in your Intercom Messenger settings.

Under Users click on the Chameleon app and select the delete/trashcan icon to the right. 

What's Next?

If you haven't already, make sure you enable the Chameleon Intercom data integration to use your existing Intercom segments and tags to target Chameleon product tours.

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