For an overview of how the Chameleon API works, please first read this article.

By default, all users that match the target audience will see a tour when they first visit the page where a tour begins. Users will see this tour until they complete or exit it, and then not again. 

However you can prevent certain users seeing any tours, by adding a property to their user profile: add the disabled: true property to their user profile. You can do this via the our API.

This will also prevent users seeing the Tours Launcher widget. 

This can be helpful to manage users that want to opt-out of tours. 

❗️Note that this is only for tours shown automatically; if a user clicks a Tour Link to start a tour, or is already mid-tour when the disabled is changed to true, the tour will show / continue.

💫  New feature feedback: we are considering providing the functionality to disable and enable tours for specific users via a web interface. If this is something you would use and are interested in, please message us ↘️

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