For an overview of how the Chameleon API works, please first read this article.

You can download data about how a particular user has engaged with your tours using this API. This can be helpful for: 

  • Knowing what attributes (properties) a user currently has. To learn how to send user attributes read this article
  • Seeing what data your connected integrations have sent to Chameleon (e.g. other user attributes collected by these integrations).
  • Updating your other tools (e.g. CRM or marketing automation product) with data about how a user has engaged with your Chameleon tours
  • Seeing the tours a user has started / exited / completed for your analytics

Via Rest API

Get a user profile

Send a GET  to
Include the UID  you previously identified the user with (typically the database id of the user - required)

curl -X POST -H "X-Account-Token: SECRET"

Response (contains the user data):

  profile: {
    id: "590b80e5f433ea81b96c9bf6",
    uid: "123",
    plan: "Standard",
  tours: [
      id: "590b80e5f433ea81b96d6cd1",
      campaign_id: "590b80e5f433ea81b96d6c19",
      state: "completed",
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