A step is the individual prompt or user experience that is shown as part of a Chameleon Product Tour. 

A tour can consist of a single step (e.g. for an ad-hoc notification), or be multi-step (e.g. as part of a tutorial flow). We recommend keeping tours to 3-4 steps at a maximum to avoid fatiguing and overwhelming users. 

You can build steps from within the Tour View:

Step configuration options

Once you "Create new step" you will be taken to the Step Editor, which appears as a purple 'topbar', with all the step-related options and menus. 

From the left, the menu options are:

On the right-hand side you can toggle on the Preview mode to see how your steps will look and behave for end users, or return to the Tour View in the Sidebar, to edit other Tour-level options (such as targeting). 

Reordering steps

Steps are triggered in the order that they are listed. You can drag steps to reorder them according to your preference.

Later steps do not trigger without the previous step being completed. Example: Step 2 will not trigger unless Step 1 is completed.

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