With Chameleon's Typeform integration, you can show surveys and polls from buttons within Chameleon Experiences.

Setup & Usage

This integration doesn't require any form of set-up or initial configuration.

To get started embedding Typeform into your Chameleon Experiences, all you need is a live Typeform survey or poll and a Chameleon button, from where it will be triggered.

Once the integration is enabled, you can configure any button within a product tour step to launch a Typeform. To do so, select the button and define Typeform from the Additional actions option.

You will then be able to indicate the Typeform URL (found within the Share section of your Typeform survey) and the positioning of the embed on the page. Three positions are possible:

  • Popup
  • Drawer from left
  • Drawer from right

Note: To learn more about where to find the sharing options in your Typeform account, check out this Typeform help article

You can use this to let your users effortlessly take big-scale surveys inside of your product when they are already engaged and in-context.

👉 Check out some inspirational examples of Typeforms.

Hidden fields support

Hidden Fields allow you to use data that you already have in Chameleon to personalize the Typeform for your users.

To pass data from Chameleon to a Typeform hidden field use a merge tag. For example, assuming that you're sending the first_name property to Chameleon (uid is the unique identifier that you send Chameleon), you could set up the following:


As with all usage of the query string parameters, hidden fields must be setup and enabled on the typeform itself.

Note: After the Typeform popup is opened, users must manually close this, so beware that if there is another step in your tour after this, it does not conflict with the Typeform popup. We suggest using step triggers to require the user to take another action (such as a click on a specific element in your product) before the next step is shown. 


Known issue: when previewing your Typeform, you may not be able to access the dismiss cross on the form due to the top bar. Upon the Chameleon sidebar, you will be able to close the Typeform survey. This issue will not affect end users as they will not see the Chameleon editing topbar. 

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