With Chameleon's Stripe integration, you can use your customers plan and revenue data to target Chameleon tours. To learn about Stripe visit our integration page

This integration enables Stripe to be a Data Source -- you can pull data from Stripe in to your Chameleon account.


The Stripe integration is very easy to setup and uses OAuth. First navigate to the Stripe integration view within the Chameleon Editor, and then hit "Connect to Stripe".  

This will redirect you to the Stripe dashboard, and you may need to login with your Stripe login credentials to access this. 

Once you correctly enter your Stripe login details and Sign in to your account, then the connection will be successful and you'll be automatically redirected back to the Chameleon Editor on your site. 


Once you have successfully connected the Stripe integration, then you will have your Stripe account properties available for targeting users. 

When creating the target audience for a tour, select "Stripe properties" from the first filter dropdown. You will then see a list of your available properties in the second dropdown and you can select the most appropriate for the custom audience you are creating.  

In example screenshot above, I would like to target customers who have paid at least $1000 and so have set the Lifetime value attribute to be more than 1000. 

Changes to your Identify call

Make sure to include a stripe_customer_uid   in the properties you send to a user AND to the company in the chmln.identify  call. The stripe_customer_uid  is how we connect Stripe data to the user and company.

chmln.identify(USER_ID, {
  stripe_customer_uid: "cus_XYZ",
  company: {
    uid: COMPANY_UID,
    stripe_customer_uid: "cus_XYZ",


Common troubleshooting issues we encounter include:

  • I'm not seeing any users as part of my Stripe filter. This could be if you are not sending us the same account ID for your customer as you are to Stripe. We use this ID to match users within Chameleon to Stripe. Read this article about sending company and account information to Chameleon. 

If you have any questions or issues please review how to best get help

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