With Chameleon's Google Analytics (GA) integration, you can analyze Chameleon Experiences alongside your other web data. To learn about GA visit our integration page

This integration enables GA to be a Data Destination -- you can send Chameleon data to GA. 


The GA integration can be enabled with a single click. Simply visit the Integrations section within the Chameleon Editor, select Google Analytics and then hit: "Connect to Google Analytics". 

This will automatically begin sending data to your Google Analytics account. This works by using the existing GA code on your website, and so data will only be sent on pages where the GA script is present and working. 


Chameleon will automatically send Experience performance data, for each user, and you can view this within your GA account.

This includes the following events:

  • Chameleon Started Tour / Survey
  • Chameleon Completed Tour / Survey
  • Chameleon Step Seen -- by request, to avoid flooding you with events. 

Event properties sent as part of these events include the Experience name, URL and others (e.g. Step number) where relevant. 

You can also see the data appearing as part of your Real-Time Events reporting:

This can be helpful to assess how users from different sources (e.g. advertising campaigns) are engaging with your Experiences, or the total number of Experiences seen or completed within a period.


Common troublshooting issues we encounter include:

  • Not seeing data in my GA account. This could happen if you are sending data to the wrong GA account - please check which GA account is installed on the pages you expect to see data from. To check this, contact whoever installed your GA script, or learn more from this GA article.

If you have any questions or issues please review how to best get help

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