With Chameleon's Delighted integration, you can gather NPS scores from, and act upon feedback with, product tours. To learn about Delighted visit our integration page

The Delighted integration includes two components:

  • Data Source -- get Delighted NPS data into Chameleon (for targeting tours)

  • Add On -- launch the Delighted NPS survey from a Chameleon tour step


If the Delighted integration is enabled for your account, you will find it in the list of Integrations within the Chameleon Sidebar. 

To setup your Delighted integration and be able to collect NPS surveys inside your product, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Delighted dashboard (to be able to obtain your account credentials)

2. Get your Delighted API key from your Delighted dashboard Settings API page (available after logging in). 

3. Copy this key and add it to the field in the Chameleon Editor titled "Add API key".

4. Get your JS token, by visiting the Delighted web integrations page, hitting "Show your code snippet", scrolling to the right and then finding and copying the token. 

5. Add this token to the field in the Chameleon Editor titled "Add JS token".

6. Hit "Copy" to save the Chameleon webhook URL to your clipboard.

7. Paste this copied webhook URL into your Delighted dashboard webhooks page. This will allow data from Delighted to be sent to Chameleon, for targeting product tours

After doing this, head back to the Chameleon Editor and hit "Connect to Delighted" button to enable the integration. 


Delighted as a Data Source

Once the integration is enabled, you can begin to use Delighted data to target your tours. You can see this when adding a filter within Chameleon segment. 

In the above example, the filter is configured to show only to those users who have responded with an NPS score more than 8 ("Promoters"). The categories of data that you can use for the filter are:

  • Survey score

  • Survey comment

  • Survey date

  • Survey notes (added within Delighted)

  • Survey tags (added within Delighted)

NOTE: we will use the most recent data if a user has filled out multiple surveys. This includes both in-product surveys and those completed via email. 

Delighted as an Add On

Once the integration is enabled, you can configure any button within a product tour step to launch the Delighted NPS survey. This function is found in the Chameleon Editor topbar, after selecting the button in question. 

Simply select "Launch Delighted NPS survey" in the Launch action dropdown to trigger the Delighted NPS survey when a user clicks this button. 

Here is an example of the Delighted integration in action:

You can use this to collect NPS scores and feedback from customers, anywhere in your product, and based on who users are and what they've done. You can also offer this survey only to users who complete a guided product tour (e.g. of a new feature) or those that have exited another tour. 

NOTE: You can customize the appearance of the NPS survey from within your Delighted dashboard here.

To learn more about how to make the most of Delighted, check out the Delighted Help Centre.

NOTE: After the Delighted survey is shown, users must manually close this, so beware that if there is another step in your tour after this, it does not conflict with the Delighted survey. We suggest using step triggers to require the user to take another action (such as a click on a specific element in your product) before the next step is shown. 


We are not currently aware of any common problems experienced as part of this integration.

If you have any questions or issues please review how to best get help

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