With Chameleon's Intercom integration, you can coordinate Chameleon tours with Intercom messaging and data. To learn about Intercom visit our integration page

The Intercom integration includes three components:

  • Data Destination -- send Chameleon data to Intercom
  • Data Source -- get Intercom segments / tags into Chameleon (for targeting tours)
  • Add On -- start an Intercom chat from a Chameleon tour
  • Launcher item -- open Intercom Messenger from a Chameleon Launcher. Read more here


The Intercom integration is very quick to setup - do so from within the Chameleon Editor, within the Integrations section. Simply hit "Connect to Intercom".  

This will launch the Intercom OAuth flow and redirect you to a permissions page like this. Check that you are connecting to the correct Intercom app in the top right of the screen and then hit Connect. You should then be redirected back to the page you left with the Chameleon Editor. 

That's it! You'll now be able to use the Intercom integration as below.


Intercom as a Data Destination

Chameleon will automatically send tour performance data, for each user, to Intercom. You can view this within Intercom on any user record.

This includes the following events:

  • Started Tour (Chameleon)
  • Completed Tour (Chameleon)
  • Exited Tour (Chameleon)
  • Step Seen (Chameleon) -- by request, to avoid flooding you with events. 
  • Previewed Tour (Chameleon) -- for admins only

Event properties sent as part of these events include the Tour name, URL and others (e.g. Step number) where relevant. 

This can be helpful to troubleshoot whether a particular user saw a specific tour or not. 

You can also use this to send a message from within Intercom, although Intercom does not (yet) allow you to use the event properties (such as Name of tour) as part of your filtering criteria.  

Intercom as a Data Source

You can use Intercom as a source of user data to help with targeting Chameleon tours, using Intercom segments and tags. 

Intercom segments are dynamic groups of users within Intercom (changing based on attribute and event conditions) and Intercom tags are static groups (you can manually apply tags to any user, based on a manual search or filter). 

Once you have connected Intercom, your Intercom segments and tags will appear within the Intercom filter when creating or editing a segment within the Chameleon Editor.

For example, you could target users such as:

  • Power users
  • Requested certain feature
  • Important customers

You can set up these segments using all the events and user attributes available within Intercom.

Note: Chameleon requests updated user segments and tags from Intercom every ~1 min. Chameleon is notified of individual user updates from Intercom only when a static attribute (email, name, role, etc.) is changed in the user's data. If you would like real-time updates of segments and tags then please email Intercom to support this. 

Intercom as an Add On

To connect Intercom messaging with Chameleon tours even more deeply, you can now launch an Intercom chat message from a Chameleon tour step. You can pre-configure the default message content, and use this to begin a conversation with users.

This can be helpful for:

  • Getting feedback on certain features
  • Asking users where they got stuck or confused
  • Starting sales or upsell conversations

To do this, add this user action as part of any step button. 


Common troublshooting issues we encounter include:

  • Not seeing Intercom within the list of filters. This could happen if you are on the "Lite" plan as the Intercom integration is not available for your plan. 
  • Not seeing the Intercom option as an option for the step button. This is only available on some advanced plans, but we are beta testing and might be able to give you access. Please contact us, using the green bubble below ↘️
  • Not seeing your Intercom segments or tags in the list. Please make sure you have connected the correct Intercom account. Currently we only support a single Intercom account connection. You can manually sync your data by clicking the refresh icon.  

If you have any questions or issues please review how to best get help

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