You can format the text within your Experiences using Markdown - a simple code for styling your text.

Markdown styling options

Text effects

  • Bold: **text** 
  • Italic: *text* or _text_ 
  • Strikethrough: ~~text~~ 
  • Code word: `text`


  • Hyperlink: [text](link URL)

Note: Extra line breaks are NOT collapsed as they would in traditional markdown.

Paragraph formatting

  • Horizontal rule (line): *** (three asterisks) or ___ (three underscores) on its own line.

Note: This generates an <hr> tag and remember you can use line breaks above and below for better spacing.


  • Header 1 (largest font size): # text 
  • Header 2 (second largest font size): ## text 
  • ...
  • Header 6 (smallest font size): ###### text 


  • Bulleted list: - text 
  • Numbered list: 1. text  
  • Second indent: leave a space before the dash or number

Note: Please ensure there is a return (line break) above the list start, and that there is space between the dash or number and text.


  • Left aligned: nothing -- this is the default
  • Right aligned: => text
  • Center aligned: =| text

Did you know? 🤓

Markdown was created in 2004 to provide greater readability and flexibility for text formatting. Many other products, such as Github, Slack, and Trello use a version of it too!

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