Installing on Different Domains

You can use the same Chameleon snippet on any/all of your domains and environments. There is no separate domain-specific configuration required. When a new domain sends Chameleon data (because the snippet is installed there and some user activity took place), the Chameleon Builder will be automatically visible there.

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Enabling and disabling domains

Once the Chameleon code snippet has detected data from a new domain, it will automatically show up in the Manage Domains section of your dashboard.

Here you can turn Chameleon on or off for a specific domain or subdomain where the snippet is installed. 

By toggling a domain off:

  • All its subdomains will also be toggled off.

  • Chameleon Experiences will no longer show on that domain.

  • No changes to Chameleon Experiences can be made from that domain.

  • The Chameleon Builder will still show to admins (but with a message to enable the domain to make edits to tours).

Active users on domains that are disabled will still be counted towards your account usage. This is because the Chameleon code snippet will still be loaded on these pages and we will continue to receive data about these users you are sending. 

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To completely remove Chameleon from the page (incl. preventing users from being counted) please remove the Chameleon code snippet from the page. You can also consider limiting who the snippet loads for on any page. 

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