Did you know that you can invite other members of your team to set up their own Chameleon login? This will enable your team to better do the following:

🙌🏼 Collaborate: Work on tours together, where all users can edit, publish and review tours.

🎓 Get help: Need help installing the snippet? Invite your engineers to Chameleon so that they can gain direct access to the snippet installation procedure, making it faster for your team to publish tours!

🆕 Stay updated: Keep your team up to date on what's new with Chameleon features, webinars and trainings! Inviting your team will make sure everyone receives our product notifications and emails.

How to invite team members to Chameleon

Click on 'Team' on the Chameleon home page, once you are signed in.

Enter your team member's email, and click 'Invite.'

If you have any issues or questions, click on the chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner and our team will help you out! 😄

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