For an overview of how the Chameleon API works, please first read this article.

In certain circumstances you may wish to clear the history of tours seen for a particular user. This will enable them to see ALL applicable tours again.

Note: this tool is a debugging tool. It will only work in the browser for Chameleon Admins. It is not an API that can be run to clear user tours.

Clearing history for the current user

To do this, you can simply use the Chameleon profile clearing debug script:

1. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator (you can see the Sidebar)

2. Open the Javascript console in the browser window. In Chrome, you can do this using CMD+ALT+J or from the Main Menu (see below)

3. Once in the Console tab, next to the > caret:

If you want to clear the tour history for your own user account, type chmln.debug.clearTours() and press enter.

Clearing history for another specific user

If you want to clear another user's history, and you know their unique user ID (uid) then use the following: 

chmln.debug.clearProfile({uid: 'Any unique identifier'});

If you don't know their uid, but can log in to your app as them, then you can find their ID and use that. Once you have logged into their account, open console and type to return that ID. 

Then log out of their account and back into your own account (so that Chameleon recognizes you as an administrator) and then use the following command in console, using the id  you just obtained:

chmln.debug.clearProfile({id: 'Chameleon profile id'}); 

This should return a success message and that user will then be ready to see tours again, regardless of whether they had seen them previously or not.

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