Testing Mode

The best way to evaluate what your users will see is by using Testing Mode. This mode treats you as an end user, and not a Chameleon administrator. This means you will only see live Experiences (not the Tour Editor sidebar) based on your user data and Tour history. 

Requirements for a tour to show

To see Tours live, you will need to ensure the following:

  1. Snippet is installed on the page

  2. Users are identified correctly (with a unique identifier)

  3. Tour is live

  4. Tour step URL matches current page URL

  5. Tour trigger element or anchor element is present on the page

  6. User is within target audience / segment

  7. Current user must not have completed or exited the Tour (Tours are shown once per user until exit or completion) if Tour set not to recur

  8. No ad blockers or cookie blockers are interfering

Troubleshooting steps

During live testing if you are not seeing the Tour then please troubleshoot with the steps below:

1. & 2. Is the Chameleon snippet properly installed and functioning?

Please confirm you have correctly implemented Chameleon (including calling chmln.identify with a uid each time a logged-in user loads a page as per the getting started guide). If chmln.identify is not called Tours will not show.

You can check if the script is loading as follows: on the page, right click and select “Inspect Element.” Open the Console tab, and type chmln.data.profile.

If you get the result Uncaught ReferenceError: chmln is not defined, or undefined  the snippet has not been implemented correctly.

3. Is the latest version of your Tour published?

Please ensure that your Tour is published and live. For this to happen you must first sign-up for a paid plan. For alternative ways to test your Tour without it being live please see here.

4. Are the URLs matching correctly?

Steps will only show on the URLs they are set to match to. Please ensure the URL of your page matches the one set for the step you are trying to preview. Learn more about that here.

5. Are all required elements present?

If you used an element to trigger the step, or to anchor the step to, then this element must be present. 

Sometimes the element identified during editing is too specific, or does not match exactly with the element on the page, even if they seem similar. This is due to the underlying "HTML structure" and "CSS selectors" used to identify the element. Learn more about how to adjust these here

6. & 7. Is user part of the target audience / segment?

If you do not fall in the target segment or have previously seen it the Tour then you will not see it again.

To circumvent this, you have a few options:

  • Reset your Tour history from using Test Mode and also see note below.

  • Load the Tour using its Tour Link. For this the first step URL needs to be specifically defined (cannot use wildcards / * for example).
    This loads the Tour regardless of the target segment or a user's history.

Note: We store data about Tour history both server-side and on local storage. This means that even if you clear history the Tour may not show immediately, so please use a fresh incognito tab in Chrome, or close Chrome (for your Chrome user persona) and then try again. 

Check that your browser is not blocking 3rd party cookies. For Chrome you can read about how to manage exceptions (i.e. allow Chameleon to set cookies) here.

Check that any ad-blocking software is not interfering with the Sidebar loading. Try turning it off your ad blocker and refreshing the page to see if that could be the issue.

Further help

If none of these items resolve your issue then please:

  1. Self-investigate further using this advanced troubleshooting article

  2. Email us with a screenshot / video of your app with the JavaScript console open (and scrolled to any errors that are related to chmln).

    Note: Chrome now requires the Developer Console to be open while the page is loading to access variables, so please open the console and reload the page to see any potential error.

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