While we're not sure why you want to launch the Chameleon Editor on Internet Explorer, we're sure glad you're ambitious enough to try.

Internet Explorer has some limitations on cookies that stop the Editor from loading. To get around these, you'll need to do a few things.

1. Disable IE's 'Protected Mode'

Navigate to 'Internet Options' in the main menu of Internet Explorer. Find the Security tab, and uncheck the box that says "Enable Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer)".

In our experience restarting Internet Explorer isn't always required at this point, so let's proceed to step 2.

2. Allow all cookies from the trychameleon.com domain

While you're still within Internet Options, navigate to the Privacy tab. Find the 'sites' button and click it. This will bring up domains that you can block or allow cookies from. We're going to add Chameleon's domain to that list.

You'll need to now enter "trychameleon.com" in the 'Address of website:' section, and then click 'Allow'. This should add "trychameleon.com" to the list of Managed websites. Click 'OK in the Sites window, and then click 'OK' in the Internet Options window.

And that's it! Once you set those options you should be able to click 'Visit Site' from the Chameleon Dashboard and successfully launch the Editor. If you attempt to launch the Editor, and still don't see the Editor on your website, then you'll need to try...

3. Restarting Internet Explorer

Yes, sometimes IE needs a quick restart to apply the settings you just created. Give it a quick close and open, then navigate to your app to see the Editor. 

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