For an overview of how the Chameleon API works, please first read this article.

Via JavaScript API

Call  with the Chameleon ID of the Tour and the Tour will redirect to the right page (if necessary) and start the tour from the beginning.'Chameleon Tour ID');

You can obtain the Chameleon Tour ID from the sidebar, inspect the "row of the tour", find the element with "chmln-campaign-ID" and copy the ID part as shown below. 

As per the above gif, to trigger this tour you would call:'56998ae30036f20003000001');

Triggers, Elements and Delays

By default, any click/hover/delay triggers are ignored in order for the tour to show right away when calling This default can be changed with the deepLinked  option listed below.

Options and changes to the default behavior

With options this API can be called with a second argument. For example:'ID', { option: 'value'})

  • use_segmentation: {false,true} - whether or not to first apply segmentation to determine if the tour show display to the user [default false  means disregard audience set on the tour]
  • once: {false,true}  - whether or not to check if the user has seen this tour before [default false  means show the tour even if they have seen it before]
  • redirect: {true,false} - whether or not to redirect to the "page the tour starts on". Internally we redirect/load the same "link" that can be copied from "Additional charing options".
  • deepLinked: {true,false} - whether or not to bypass the triggers, elements and delays on the step to "force" it to show right away. When deepLinked: false is specified, the tour will (for example) wait for the specified element to be clicked or will wait for the specified element to be one the page before showing the tour.

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