🤔 Step 1: Brainstorm! Think content, tone, and step type

Before you create a single tour point in your product, spend time thinking about what you want to say, how you want to say it and finally how you want to display it (modal, lightbox, beacon etc). A bias toward short and clear messaging with human language will go a long way.

🎯 Step 2: Define 3 steps and a goal—keep it simple

Define two or three really important steps you want a specific set of users to take. Make this small, achievable set of interaction your first tour. Include a conversion goal. This will serve as a measure of performance for your first tour. Looking for inspiration? A great place to start is with your new user experience or feature discovery of a new or hard to find product or feature.

Example of two steps and a goal: 

  1. User Lands on dashboard page—Chameleon displays beacon on new feature.
  2. Closes Chameleon beacon—Chameleon displays account section modal video. 
  3. User clicks through and enters account section (goal) of ‘entering account section’.

📝 Step 3: Draft your tour and share it

Create a first draft and share it, gather feedback and iterate. We review tours every day, and we see some that are amazing, witty, and endearing and some that need help. We’re here to give you private feedback and supercharge your tours.

Step 4: Launch tours, talk to your users

Engage your customers for feedback and sentiment, they’ll help you make your tours less interruptive and more targeted.

💰 Bonus Step: Connect your data

Connecting product level data to Chameleon will let you segment groups of users to easily present tours based on interactions they’ve taken (or haven’t) inside your app. If you don’t have event / behavioral tracking setup, you can set up Chameleon custom events with the Professional plan.

🎓 Connect or Create product interaction events 

You can connect your product interaction data directly to Chameleon via Segment. You can click here to connect your Segment account. If you don’t have Segment or product tracking setup you can use Chameleon’s custom events to setup and track in product events.

📊 Connect your Chameleon tour data to your analytics / reporting tool 

Not using Segment? You can use any of our one-click integrations to connect and measure the success of your tours via your favorite analytics tools (Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel and more) to get insights into your tour performance.

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