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New Chameleon Builder (beta)

A new Chameleon Builder experience is rolling out, which includes an updated Chrome Extension. This extension lets you "Enter" and "Exit" the Chameleon Builder easily, on a per-browser-tab basis.

This replaces the account-wide "Test Mode" or "Admin Mode" that previously existed, meaning you can build Chameleon experiences in one tab and test them as an end-user in a different tab.

It will also mean:

  • The Chameleon Builder won't automatically be present when you first navigate to your product/app -- you will have to "Enter Builder" from the Chrome Extension (or the Chameleon dashboard) to start editing your Chameleon Experiences
  • You will no longer have to close/open the Chameleon 'Sidebar' -- instead you will simply Enter or Exit the Builder. When you have Exited the Builder, you will not see any aspects of the Builder (i.e. no green tab).
  • You will need the Chrome Extension to use the Chameleon Builder (to create/edit any Chameleon Experiences).

If you are currently part of the beta and have any questions or issues please email us here.

Previous Chrome Extension

Chameleon has a Chrome Extension, which fulfills two functions:

  1. Helps you try Chameleon prior to installing the code snippet
  2. Helps you test your Chameleon tours once the code snippet is installed

Note: after installing the Chameleon code snippet, the Chrome Extension is not necessary to build and manage your tours. The Chameleon Editor (to build and manage tours) will be automatically available from the Chameleon code installed on your pages. 

You can download the Chrome extension after you have created your Chameleon account

1. Trying Chameleon with the Chrome Extension

What you can and cannot do

If you are interested in assessing whether Chameleon is a good fit with your needs and requirements, then you can try it for free using the Chrome Extension. This gives you a limited version of Chameleon for just your browser.  

You WILL be able to:

  • See the Chameleon Editor
  • Build tours and steps, with content
  • Configure styling and interaction
  • Preview your tour
  • Can check whether your product blocks Chameleon from operating (via a Content Security Policy). 

You will NOT be able to:

  • Launch a tour live to others
  • Use the tour shortlink to share the tour with others (unless they are invited to your Chameleon account and also download the Chrome Extension)
  • Create user segments for targeting
  • Tag events and use these for conversion tracking or targeting
  • Send or receive user data or analytics between Chameleon and your product
  • Connect any integrations

To try Chameleon with full functionality, you must purchase a paid plan and then install the Chameleon code in your product.

How to use the Chrome Extension

To use the Chrome Extension:

  1. Go to your app
  2. Click the Chrome Extension (icon in your browser)
  3. Click "Show Editor"

After this the page will refresh and the Chameleon Editor will appear on the left-hand side. Use this to build and preview Chameleon Experiences. 

To stop showing the Editor, you can either close it using the green tab, "Hide" it using the Chrome Extension or uninstall the Extension from your browser. 

2. Testing Chameleon Tours with the Chrome Extension

If you have already installed the Chameleon code then when you click the Chrome Extension icon, you will see different options:

These options allow you to switch between Build and Test mode. In Build Mode you see the Chameleon Editor and can access your tours. You can build, edit, preview, analyze your tours etc. using the Editor sidebar. 

In Test Mode, you will NOT see the Chameleon Editor. You will be treated as an end user and will be able to see live tours as your end users would. This is a great way to review the composite user experience of all your tours together, as you navigate around your app.  

Note: you will only see tours that are targeted to your end user account. This uses the data saved to the profile you are logged into your product as. 

As tours only show once per user, if you would like to view your tours again, you can clear your history, using the Chrome Extension dialogue box. 

Removing the Chrome Extension

If you are simply looking to remove the green tab of the Chameleon Editor from your interface then you can click "Hide" or "Test Mode".

If you are no longer using Chameleon and would like to remove the Chrome Extension then you have two options: 

  • Disable it but keep it downloaded (in case you want to return to it or for troubleshooting)
  • Remove it from Chrome completely

You can do both of these by visiting your Chrome Manage Extensions page (copy and paste this in your browser: chrome://extensions) and scrolling to find the Chameleon Extension. To disable it, simply uncheck the "Enabled" checkbox. To delete it completely, click the trash icon. 

As a shortcut you can also remove the extension by right-clicking the Chrome Extension icon in your browser and selecting "Remove from Chrome..."

If you have any questions about how to use the Chrome Extension then feel free to email us or review how to best get help

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