You can use Chameleon to build and manage in-product guidance without requiring any coding ability. It can take as little as a few minutes to build and launch a tour, once Chameleon is installed. 

Below are the steps you'll need to follow right from the beginning to launching and improving your first tour.  

1. Create an account

It's easy and free to create a Chameleon account. Simply sign-up using your work email address, or use Google for Work. 

If a colleague of yours (with the same email domain) has previously created an account, then you will automatically be added to their team.

We do not start a timed trial upon creating an account, so there is no harm signing up now, but if you're not quite ready, you can subscribe to our blog to get our articles and insights to your email inbox a few times per month. 

2. Build a tour

If you are ready to try Chameleon out, you can build and preview a tour for free, without requiring anyone else, using our Chrome Extension. 

You will get access to the Chameleon Editor, and can build an unlimited number of tours, which will be saved to your account. Later, once you have installed Chameleon to your app, you will be able to activate these live.  

This is a great way to get started without any commitment or get ahead, even if you are not quite ready to launch your product tours yet. 

Building your first tour is easy; read <How do I build and launch a tour?> for more information. 

You can imitate the end user experience by previewing this tour. This might also be a good time to get feedback from colleagues. To share with them, invite them to your Chameleon account <link>, and ask them to also download the Chrome Extension. 

They will then be able to see, preview and edit any tours you've built. 

3. Start trial and install Chameleon

To activate tours live, first start a 14 day free trial, and then install the Chameleon code on your site. Learn more about how to install here

This will give you the chance to review the full Chameleon experience. If you cancel before your trial ends you will not be charged. 

There are multiple pricing options, which you can view here. If you'd like to discuss your pricing options or need an extended proof-of-concept trial, then please request a demo. 

4. Finalize, test and activate your tour

Once you have installed Chameleon, you'll have access to full Chameleon functionality (that the Chrome Extension cannot provide) including:

  • Activate tours live
  • Create custom user segments to target tours
  • Collect tour analytics
  • Use integrations (to target users / analyze tours / for add-on functionality)

You should first set your target audience. To test a tour live, you can set our audience to "Just Me" or "Chameleon admins" before deploying to a wider group. To learn more about how to test and activate your tour, read this: <>

5. Measure performance and iterate

Chameleon will automatically track performance data for your live tours. This includes events such as "Tour Started", "Step Seen", "Tour Exited" and others. You can view the conversion funnel across the steps of a tour from within the Chameleon Editor. 

You can also download this data via our API or connect integrations to send this data to your preferred analytics tool. We recommend doing the latter, so you are able to more holistically review tour performance alongside product usage and engagement. 

Chameleon's reporting will quickly show you which steps within your tour have the highest drop-off. Use this to improve your tour, by editing the content (e.g. making the copy stronger and more succinct) or by simplifying the interaction. 

We recommend doing user research and utilizing a tool like FullStory to better understand how users are interacting with your product and Chameleon tours, to get a better sense of which aspects of the tour to improve. 

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