Chameleon works using JavaScript. You install the Chameleon code snippet on your site / web app and this allows you to activate product tours for your users. 

About Segment is an API manager that allows companies to easily turn on or off third-party code snippets in their applications. To use Segment, you first install the Segment code directly, and then use their dashboard to manage other third-party integrations, such as Chameleon. 

NOTE: You must be using Segment's JS library for Chameleon to function when installed via 

When using Segment: 

  • Chameleon is only installed on sites / pages where Segment is installed
  • Chameleon features will only appear on pages where Segment's identify method is called
  • In addition to installing the Chameleon code, Segment sends user data to Chameleon. You can leverage this to target tours to specific users
  • Chameleon also sends data (about tour performance) back to Segment, and onwards to other services connected via Segment. You can leverage this to coordinate all your user communication and view all product data in one place. 

We highly recommend installing Chameleon through Segment where possible. It makes it much more powerful and can help your tech stack function more synchronously. 

Installing with Segment

You will be able to install via Segment once you have joined a Chameleon paid plan by adding your credit card here.

If your product has over 10k MAUs then we can provide you a tailored plan and pricing package. 

Once you are able to access the Installation page, then complete these 2 steps.

  1. Simply click to Copy the Segment API key. 
  2. Navigate to add a destination for Chameleon and paste the token destination settings

Let us know if you have any questions -- we are users and fans of Segment ourselves and definitely welcome customers who also use Segment 😎

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