This installation checklist will help you figure out which section will be most useful to you when setting up Chameleon on your website.

1️⃣ Verify your email. If you've verified your email and you're ready to start building tours, proceed to the next step!

2️⃣ Install the Chameleon extension. You can now build your first sample tour! This will let you get a feel for what Chameleon can do for your customers. Once you're ready to publish these tours so your customers can use them, proceed to the next step. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to write to us using the help bubble on the bottom right corner of this screen! ↘️

3️⃣ Start a trial. Add a credit card to start your free 14 day trial. Once you begin this trial, you will get access to the Chameleon code snippet to install, which allows you to activate tours live. You can cancel without any charge before your trial is over. 

4️⃣ Install Chameleon on your website! This is the final step to making sure your users see the tours that you've built. The link above ↖️ will take you to the specific code snippet you need to install.

You can also watch the 4-minute guide to installing Chameleon:

If you prefer to read through the steps, follow them here:

Chameleon works using JavaScript - you install a couple lines of code on your site / web app and this allows you to see the Editor and for your users to see tours, when published. 

Select one of the options below to get started on installing the snippet:

Installing via Segment

Installing manually

Installing via Google Tag Manager

If you have feedback on installation or have questions about this doc, please click on the chat bubble on the bottom right to start a conversation with our team! ↘️

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