Congratulations on getting Chameleon set up on your website! If you can see the Chameleon Sidebar on the right, then you're all set to start building your first tour:

Clicking on the Chameleon Sidebar will open up the Tour Builder. This is where you'll be able to publish new tours, edit existing ones, pause live tours, and see how your tours are performing:

To build your first tour, click on 'Create New Tour' to see the anatomy of a Chameleon Tour:

There are 4 parts to a Chameleon Tour:

  1. The name of the tour
  2. The steps that comprise of a tour
  3. The target audience (who sees the tour)
  4. Review and publish your tour

Once you've named your tour, you'll want to 'Create new step' -- which will prompt you to confirm that you are on the correct URL. Do you want to show this step on THIS page?

If you're sure, then we're all set to proceed. Click on 'Confirm' and you'll notice that the top toolbar will become the Step Builder:

By default, the view will be on the 'Trigger' for your step, which is identifying two things:

  1. What URL to show the step on and
  2. Whether it's waiting for a particular element to show or be clicked before the step activates

Once you've confirmed your trigger, you'll next want to set your 'Focus:'

'Focus' determines where your step will show on the page, and you have the option of having it be relative to the screen or attached to an element on the page.

Once you've placed your step where you want it (you can go back to any of the parts of a step at any time), it's time to edit your 'Content!'

Here are some of the options for editing your step content:

  1. Add media
  2. Embed code
  3. Show a progress bar
  4. Adjust the width (using the slider) of the step itself
  5. Change the background color

And of course, you can click inside any of the placeholder text to write your own text for your step!

The final piece of building a step is configuring what happens when the user interacts with it:

You can move forward to the next step by clicking a button, clicking anywhere, or clicking a specific element.

Additionally, you can keep the 'x' button on the top right to give the users the option to dismiss your tour.

Now that you've finished configuring this step, you can 'Preview' it easily to experience the step from the user's perspective.

Happy with this step? 😄 You can go back to the tour builder to add more steps, set your target audience, and publish your tour!

Once you've added all your steps, you're ready to set your target audience:

If you'd like to learn more about the different ways you can configure your audience, you can read more about it here.

You've completed 2/3 steps of building the tour and the only step left is to review and activate!

And just like that... you've built your first tour! How do you feel about it? Write to me by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right ↘️, I'd love to hear how we can make building tours even easier! 😄

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